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🍁 You are planning to sell sugarcane juice for your own business.
🍁 If you're embarrassed to determine what kind of machine you should buy. Please contact us, you will be consulted for free and receive incentives from manufacturer.

🌤️ Getting a really GOOD - SAFE - MODERN - FITNESS SCALE sugarcane machine is one of the most important things which helps you profit quickly.
🌤️Super-clean V5-990-3S Sugarcane juicer machine type is the latest innovation with the criteria NEW - MODERN - CONVENIENT -  REASONABLE prices.


Images of  V5-990S Sugarcane Machine Extraction


🌤️The feature of V5-990S sugarcane juicer machine  at Tan Phat is:

✔️ Material: made from 201/304 stainless steel , good for healthy 

✔️ Power: 500W - 750W - 110V and - 220V

✔️ Operation: 1 sugarcane / 1 compressions

✔️ Size: 55cm x 90cm x 110cm

✔️ Extracting 99% maximum  only one time

✔️ Weight: 85kg

✔️ Material made of stainless steel 201 or 304 

✔️sugarcane juice machine price from manufacturer

✔️Having wheels and table that help you easy to move

✔️Available shipping: by Sea, Air


🌤️ THE OPERATION V5-990S sugarcane juice machine

✔️ Save time
✔️ Save cost
✔️ Easy to move and clean
✔️ Labor savings

🌤️ Offer to purchase sugarcane crusher machine at Tan Phat:

 the machine will be delivered to your place.

 ✔️ In particular, you will get a sugarcane razor when purchasing products at Tan Phat(*).

 ✔️ Free decal decoration to your machine attractively and eye-catching. 

❌❌❌Promotion: Buying sugarcane juice making machine at Tan Phat, you will get "2 sugarcane peelers".


Images of  sugarcane peelers



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